Terms of Service

Welcome to the ASASULQURAN ACADEMY. The following Terms of Service apply when you become a student or an affiliate. Please review the following terms carefully. By registration or using our assets or redirect any users to our website, you signify your agreement to these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, you may not participate in our affiliate program or access or use our website.

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The terms and conditions are as mentioned below. Take a look

Fee Policy

Free Trial:

We provide trail classes. These trial classes are for you to know about us and our work. You can take these trail classes after which you will be required to choose whether you want to continue with us or not.

Payment of fee:

The deposition of fee is to be done after the trail classes are over. Fee must be deposited before further classes are scheduled.
You will pay the fee at the due date – monthly fees are paid in advance on the last week of every month for next month. Classes can be ceased (paused) if you do not pay fee on the due date.
You should let us know if you are unable to deposit the fee before the last date, this must be done seven days prior the last date of the submission of fee.
AsasulQuran reserves the right to stop the classes if the payment is over-due for more than seven days with out any excuse.
Our teachers take leave during the Eid holidays, this is twice a year and is paid.
Fee includes the public holidays as well.
Fess will be increase of every student according to the terms of service with the ratio of about 6-7% of the present fee every year at the end of the year of the Gregorian calendar.

Refund Policy:

We offer refund of the whole amount if the student withdraws before the start of classes. But once the classes are confirmed and you have one class then the refund is not entertained.
If we fail to provide you the classes for any reason from our side and you have paid the fee already, then additional charges will be returned or transferred for the next month’s classes only.
If the refund cost is more than the fee then we do not offer the refund in such case.

Makeup Classes policy:
Note that teachers are fully paid for classes that are cancelled 6 hours or less prior to class. So,
If you want to cancel a class any day, you are required to inform your teacher on the Skype or email us 6 hours earlier to avail the makeup class.
If students miss any class without prior notice (except in case of emergency), absent will be marked and no makeup class will be arranged.
Make up classes can be arranged with the same teacher or other teacher.
The makeup class will be held after the teacher is addressed properly and a time is chosen which is okay for both the parties.
No makeup classes for more then 5 days leaves as the teacher can not manage the makeup classes.

Academic policy

AsasulQuran reserves the right to cancel the classes if any student remains absent for more than two weeks without prior notice and no refund will be entertained as per our Terms of service.
Class timing (schedule) can be changed on your request, if another time slot with the same teacher is available.
Once a teacher has been terminated, the student is required to break all modes of communication with him.
AsasulQuran reserves the right to change teacher anytime if needed for quality teaching purposes.
If the teacher is not available for class, there will be given a substitute class by another teacher at class time or by the same teacher at another adjustable time.
Teacher can be changed on your request, if another teacher is available.
Never share your contact information like phone number, Email, address, credit card information to any teacher. AsasulQuran will not be held responsible in case of misuse.
You should expect a 6/7% increase in fee every year.
Fee is calculated on monthly basis, including Public holidays, therefore there is no concession in fee for public/Islamic holidays.
These Terms of service and conditions are applicable on all students.
We reserve the right to bring in changes to our terms of service.

Cancellations policy

You may cancel your registration by giving 1 month prior notice.

Stay with us for more updates concerning our Online Quran Classes. You can even contact us, our contact details our mentioned on our page. Feel free to give us any positive feedback that you like.